Test Term Windows

It is important to establish beginning and ending dates for Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing for the purposes of data accuracy and district-level reports. The period of time defined by these dates is known as a Test Term Window. The test term window is useful for setting an end date at which you will declare your testing term complete and subsequently have the option to order district-level summary reports. Once a test term window has been declared complete, and after 24 hours has passed, district-level reports may be ordered.

Test Windows and the Display of Student Data

NWEA Reports will only display student results that occurred within a district's defined test window. If a student in a district takes a test outside of their district's defined test window, the score will not be counted as reportable. Districts specify a test window in the Class Roster File submitted two weeks prior to testing. 

Test Windows and Normative Data

NWEA provides default testing window dates for the purpose of establishing data norms. Please note that on-the-fly changes to a given term's student information, such as adding students or changing student class configurations, can only be made during NWEA's default testing window for that term. NWEA's default test window dates are:

  • Fall: 8/15 - 11/30
  • Winter: 12/1 - 2/28
  • Spring: 3/1 - 6/15
  • Summer: 6/16 - 8/14

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