Why do particular scores appear "grayed out"?

Tests results will appear on reports in gray text (instead of black text) for one of two reasons:

  1. The student took the same test twice. If the student took more than one test for the same measurement scale (Mathematics, Reading, Language, or General Science) during a test window, one of the scores will appear in gray. If, for example, a student takes the reading test two times during the fall test window, results from both tests appear on test-level reports such as the Teacher Report; however, only one score will be included on school and district summary reports. The test with the lowest standard of error is used for school and district summary calculations; it appears on reports in black text. The test with the higher standard error appears on reports in gray text.
  2. The student's test has been invalidated. The MAP system is designed to invalidate tests that do not meet specific pre-defined criteria. Invalid tests appear on reports in gray font; instead of a RIT score, the invalidation reason is displayed.

Invalidation reasons include the following:

2 – Overall RIT outside valid range: A MAP test will be invalidated if the RIT score does not fall between 100 and 320.

3 – Test duration too short: A MAP test is invalidated if the student did not take sufficient time to complete the test. Time constraints are contingent  upon the length of the individual test. If a technical malfunction caused a test to be falsely invalidated due to short duration, you can submit a Data Repair Request to alter the test duration.

6 – Standard error outside acceptable limits: A MAP test will be invalidated if it does not meet the minimum or maximum requirements for the standard error. This invalidation rule does not apply to MAP for Primary Grades Screening, Skills Checklist, or Survey w/Goals tests.

  • The minimum standard error is 1.5 regardless of the RIT score.
  • The maximum standard error is 5.5 unless the RIT score is equal to or greater than a score of 240, in which case a maximum standard error is not enforced.

19 – Proctor terminated without the option to resume: When terminating a student’s test via the Proctor Administration Menu in MAP TestTaker, the proctor has the option to mark the test resumable or not resumable. When a student’s test is terminated without the option to resume, it is invalidated in the MAP system.