Common Core MAP® and MAP for Primary Grades (MPG)

Important Resources to Support Your Implementation

As states transition to the Common Core, many are asking what impact the new standards will have on their students' performance. NWEA is helping our partners gain that insight today with our Common Core MAP and MAP for Primary Grades (MPG) interim assessments. Built on the same equal-interval measurement scales as our state-aligned tests, Common Core MAP brings continuity to your student data as you make the transition to the Common Core State Standards.

With Common Core MAP and MPG, you can benchmark your students against the Common Core as early as this fall, and gain valuable insight about what they need to achieve under the new standards.

(NEW) Learn more about how Common Core MAP will support your transition to Common Core State Standards. Download pdf

(New) White Paper - "Better Together: How Smarter Balanced Districts can Gain Critical Teaching and Learning Data with MAP - Today and Beyond" discusses the critical role Common Core MAP continues to fill as you move to Smarter Balanced summative assessments. Download pdf

About the Common Core State Standards - Learn about the purpose and intent behind the standards, and the results of an analysis conducted by NWEA Academic Service.  Read more

NWEA Common Core Assessments - NWEA Common Core solutions are available now, and we're prepared to help you make a smooth transition.  Read more

(NEW) Sample Technology-enhanced Item Types in Common Core MAP - Learn  about each new item type and see interactive examples. Read more. 

(NEW) RIT Stability Through the Transition to Common Core MAP Tests - Learn how using MAP to measure student learning is reliable now and in 2014.  Download pdf

Common Core MAP and MPG FAQ - Learn about our Common Core growth measures and find answers to common questions about the tests.   Download pdf

MAP Goal Structure Chart - Get a detailed view of the content breakdown by goal and sub-goal in Version 4 of Common Core-aligned Mathematics, Reading and Language MAP tests (available for fall 2013).   Download pdf

MPG Goal Structure Chart - Get a detailed view of the content breakdown by goal and sub-goal in Version 2 of Common Core-aligned Mathematics and Reading MAP for Primary Grades (MPG) tests (available for fall 2013).   Download pdf

MPG Crosswalk - Understand how the current goals and sub-goals for MAP for Primary Grades will shift under the Common Core alignment.   Download pdf