MAP Proctor Training


1/2 hour

Course Audience:

District proctors and at least one member of the Leadership Team per building

Delivery Method:

Recorded Online Training (Self-paced, facilitator-led recorded session)

*Please note: If you are using Mac OS X Lion you will need to download the Adobe Connect Add-in before viewing the training.

Begin Training

Test proctors play an essential role in MAP testing. In this training, proctors - and select members of the Leadership Team - will obtain a basic understanding of the MAP system, learn how to manage setup of the computer lab, and become skilled at proctoring tests during MAP administration.

After viewing the training, participants will be prepared to serve as proctors for their school(s) and will be able to share with colleagues in their district the basics of the MAP system, an understanding of how the test works, what a Rasch unIT (RIT) score is, and how to know which test to give.

To get the greatest impact from this training, NWEA strongly recommends that participants have completed either the MAP Basics Online Course or have read the MAP Basics Overview.

Documentation is provided for download within the presentation. Please access the training and print materials prior to viewing.
(For optimal experience, please use a computer with speakers or headphones.)